Arrigoni S.p.A. – Corporate Video

We’ve been weavers since 1936.
In 1959, we were among the first in the world to create technical fabrics from high-density polyethylene.

Our strong environmental awareness, experience, dedication, research and customer focus make Arrigoni the European leader in agrotextiles for crop protection.
A passionate team of engineers, agronomists and qualified technicians, working for a better world.

Tech Stage Fruit Logistica 2019

Video of the Tech Stage event, organized in Berlin on the occasion of Fruit Logistica 2019.

Our C.E.O. Paolo Arrigoni together with our Researcher & Product Developer Milena Poledica, gave us the opportunity to learn more about our reality and our mission, which is just to develop innovative concepts of Air Flow, Light Diffusion and Rain Control.

Hail netting for fruit orchards Fructus

The anti hail nettings Arrigoni applied on apple orchard.

Discover the advantages of hail protection in fruit growing.

ROBUXTA® white shading net – thermo-reflective screen

Beautiful images of white shading nets for the diffusion of light. Extremely resistant, designed for installation on tensile structures.

Shade nettings made from ARLENE HT® HDPE monofilament in chain and weft, with LD – Light Diffusion additive tape in second weft.

ROBUXTA®: effective agrotextile screen for light and temperature management in agriculture.

BIORETE® AIR PLUS anti insect screen netting for crop protection

Innovative anti-insect screen netting made from ARLENE HT®, low thickness and high tenacity HDPE monofilament.

The best protection against the smallest and most harmful insects in agriculture.

Greater air flow in the greenhouses thanks to the higher number of holes per square meter.

Interview with CEO Paolo Arrigoni in Pole Position – Business24

The CEO of Arrigoni SpA interviewed on the future of sustainable agriculture thanks to the help of innovative agrotextiles that allow the reduction of pesticides and protect from extreme weather phenomena.

First net-house in Italy is reality!

The first Net-House in Italy is reality!

The advantages of Net-House are many. Unlike greenhouse or tunnel production, thanks to this innovative tensile structure covered with anti-insect screens BIORETE® AIR PLUS, it is finally possible:

  • Cultivate even in summer in Mediterranean climates without interrupting production!
  • Grow on 100% of the surface!

Discover the other advantages, contact us for more information.

First net-house in Italy | Step 5

Here we are at the end of our journey, which is nothing but a new beginning! The first Italian net-house is officially installed!

First net-house in Italy | Step 4

The installation of the first Net-House in Italy goes on: here’s the fourth step!

Net-House ensures a more suitable microclimate than traditional greenhouses, even in Mediterranean climates and during spring and autumn cycles. And what does this involve? Increased productivity!

First net-house in Italy | Step 3

The installation of the first net-house in Italy keeps going: here is the third step!

Healthier plants, protection from insects and much more: installation costs are significantly reduced compared to traditional greenhouses! Arrigoni net-house is a real revolution, and it does not end here!

First net-house in Italy | Step 2

Fight New Deli Virus and avoid the contagion of new virosis? Now you can, drastically reducing the use of pesticides!
Arrigoni Net-House for cultivations covered by tensile structures and protected by BIORETE® AIR PLUS insect screens.

First net-house in Italy | Step 1

The perfect compromise between open field and greenhouse production.
First net-house in Italy: proud to support once again producers with this innovative crop solution!
This journey has just begun, follow us to discover all its great advantages!

The extraordinary results of PRISMA® LDF on tomato

Interview with Rosario Spataro of Azienda Agricola Spataro from Ispica (Sicily) about the results of PRISMA® LDF on tomato greenhouses where Arrigoni’s thermo-reflective screens reduced temperature and allowed to lengthen the production cycles.

Protection of olive trees from Xylella fastidiosa.

How to protect the olive trees from Xylella fastidiosa preventing the insects carrying bacteria from attacking and infesting the plants. Arrigoni S.p.A. protects olive trees from Xylella fastidiosa.

BIORETE AIR PLUS Advantages of Arrigoni high permeability insect screen

How to protect crops from insects? BIORETE AIR PLUS insect screen with high air permeability prevents insects from coming into contact with crops and allows a much greater air passage.

Cherry trees Rain protection from Arrigoni

Protect orchards from rain with PROTECTA: it improves air circulation and prevents the cracking of the fruit. Here is a test in the field, protection against rain on cherry.