03 February 2021 - 05 February 2021

Meet the Arrigoni experts from February 3rd to 5th in Berlin to discover all the innovative Agrotextiles for climate control in healthy food production.
The Fruitlogistica 2021 will take place from February 3rd to 5th in Berlin, Germany.
The Arrigoni group focuses on two main high-tech goals: optimization of light diffusion and increase in airflow. These results in fact characterize the new products. New screens are conceived taking advantage of the many years of experience in the sector and above all thanks to the company's targeted investments in Research, Laboratory and careful study of the needs of different markets.
In particular, the Group will present the characteristics and strengths of two innovative solutions for professional agriculture.
Fruitlogistica 2021 will be the perfect opportunity to introduce Robuxta®, new range of hybrid screens specially designed to withstand high mechanical stress due to abrasion on tensile structures. The screen structure is a combination of monofilament in chain and weft for more strength and tape in second weft, in different colors and densities to optimize shading for each crop and climate conditions. In white color with LD – Light Diffusion additive, Robuxta® offers the same advantages of thermo-reflective screens range Prisma® which guarantees in greenhouse applications exceptional temperature control, protection from sunburns, good conditions for plant development and the workers, as well as water saving. This important international trade fair will allow the Group to reconfirm and share the excellent results obtained with the Biorete® Air Plus line, insect screen made with high strength thinner yarn in order to guarantee the crops greater ventilation even in hot climates and an effective and completely natural protection against the smallest insect pests too.
Finally, Protecta® is the result of Arrigoni's research into the protection from excessive rain. Appropriately inclined, the Protecta® screen makes it possible to protect crops from rain damage, without compromising its ability to be traversed by air, which is a guarantee of yield and harvest of good quality fruits. Protecta® offers at the same time protection from hail and other climatic threats. Combined with Biorete®, it also stops insects. Protecta® is therefore a true multi-function screen for protection from rain, hail, sun, wind and insects, integrated with Biorete® insect screens.