Fruit Logistica 2020: Arrigoni’s Tech stage on new research results

05 February 2020

The workshop entitled "Advanced Agrotextiles for green healthcare - air flow / rain control / drift control", led by Prof. De Pascale and the Mach Foundation team, will be held at 13:00 hrs on 5 February at the Tech Stage (Hall 9)




Como, 8 January 2020 - All the latest developments in protective screens for agriculture, designed to deliver high yields in a context of total environmental protection combined with control of atmospheric agents, will be the focus of the convention scheduled for 13:00 hrs on 5 February at the Tech Stage (Hall 9) area of Fruit Logistica 2020.

Entitled "Advanced Agrotextiles for Green Healthcare - Air flow / Rain control / Drift control", the seminar will illustrate the findings of research and tests Arrigoni has conducted in association with researchers from Federico II University in Naples and the Edmund Mach Foundation.

The conference will be opened by Paolo Arrigoni, CEO of Arrigoni S.p.A., through an excursus on the company's now consolidated commitment to proposing solutions that allow an improvement in crop yield with solutions that respect the environmental impact.

Since 2010 the population has been growing intensely - comments Paolo Arrigoni - We will be more than 8 billion in 2025. The arable land is roughly always the same. Agriculture must be more effective, more productive with full respect for the planet and human health. We will have to search with the same surface to feed more people in a healthy and ethical way.

Stefania De Pascale, Full Professor of Horticulture at the Agricultural Science Department of Federico II University, Naples, will be presenting the latest solutions in sustainable farming, essential aids for those operating under or converting to organic methods, but also very useful for growers aiming to significantly reduce their use of chemicals.


Prof. De Pascale will first of all be presenting a comparison between BIORETE 50 and BIORETE AIR PLUS on courgettes, to enhance our understanding of these agrotextiles' performance in terms of air circulation and the effects of this parameter on crops. A second study, also to be introduced by Prof. De Pascale, was conducted on arugola and investigated the capacity of the PRISMA thermo-reflective screen to reduce the temperature in the protected area.


Researchers Angela Gottardello and Daniel Bondesan of the "Edmund Mach" Foundation, on the other hand, will be presenting the results of the field test performed on cherries with the PROTECTA SYSTEM for rain control, and of various innovative Arrigoni textiles for the containment of pest control treatments.

Carried out in the last two years by the prestigious agronomic research foundation, the two studies confirmed in the first of the tests the usefulness of PROTECTA screens in controlling rain on crops sensitive to this phenomenon which is increasingly frequent outside its usual seasonality; in the second test, the ability of Arrigoni technical fabrics to contain the drift of phytosanitary treatments was investigated, thus succeeding on the one hand in identifying the most effective screens and on the other establishing interesting ideas for further improving their performance.

Arrigoni will be attending Fruit Logistica 2020 with all its latest solutions in the area of protective screens for agriculture, in hall 6.1, B-06.