Climate changes, new menaces

20 November 2018

Climate change is a subject that is very important to us: defending crops from the unpredictability of the climate is now possible! Tuesday, November 20 our agronomist Giuseppe Netti will intervene together with other technical experts at the conference organized by the UGC-cisl Ravenna! Speakers include:

  • Vittorio Marletto - agro-meteorologist of the IdroMeteoClima Service of Arpae - Bologna
  • Eugenio Morsiani - agronomist partner of Agri. Ass. S.r.l. - Ferrara | expert in the field of insurance for agriculture
  • Giuseppe Netti - agronomist of the company Arrigoni - Uggiate Trevano (CO) | crop protection from hail, rain, wind, insects etc.
  • Michele Zaniboni of Romagna Impianti - Imola (BO)
Speaker, Prof. Angelo Frascarelli.