about us

The beginning

Arrigoni group has been in the technical textile sector since 1936. In 1959 it started the manufacturing of polyethylene nets. It has more than 60 years of experience in the field of technical textiles.

The Group

Today it is the European leader in technical textile applications for agriculture. The group is located in Italy. The head office is in Uggiate Trevano (Milan area) next to Linate and Malpensa airports. The three production plants occupy a total area of 110,000 square meters; The covered area is 39,000 square meters. Direct employees are 160, the production capacity is of more than 6,000 tons a year of nets, which corresponds to about 75 million m² (7,500 hectares) of average weight textiles.


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what we do

The great range of nets and fabrics produced by Arrigoni group includes accessories and other articles as well, which are manufactured by important companies and always guaranteed, based on quality and reliability tests both performed in lab and in the field. Arrigoni’s team is skilled, expert and competent. It is characterized by a deep passion for product and process innovation; an energy full of talent is dedicated to the quality and reliability of the product.

Arrigoni in the world

it is present in 72 countries

throughout the world, thanks to its distributors.

european leader

Thanks to its 50 years of experience, ARRIGONI has achieved the record for quality and production of technical fabrics in Europe

capillary presence

The dealer relationship selected by ARRIGONI is very tight and is managed through a network of professional and qualified agents.