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about us

We are weavers since 1936. Among the first in the world, in 1959, to make technical fabrics in high density polyethylene.

Nowadays, Arrigoni is an european leader in the manufacture of:
– Innovative agrotextiles for better climate control and a healthier and safer food production;
– Outdoor technical fabrics for technical and / or

A strong environmental awareness, experience, dedication, research and customer proximity make Arrigoni the European Leader of agrotextiles, used to protect crops.
A team of engineers, agronomists and qualified technicians work with passion for a better world.

Building solutions

Arrigoni produces nets and fabrics that find perfect application in the construction sector.
The networks of the Building range are used to cover the scaffolding and prevent the accidental fall of objects and materials.
Barriera fabrics are used to delimit and signal the presence of construction sites.

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Certified quality

solutions for industry

In the industrial world, the use of mesh fabrics for the most different applications is often required.
The advanced high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabrics are perfect for landfill cover and as a protection of the insulating material placed inside the sound-absorbing barriers.

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sport facilities

Knitted nets, lightweight and very strong: they are the ideal product for fencing tennis, football, soccer, volleyball fields and golf courses, etc.
The different mesh sizes respond progressively to the need to delimit the fields of all the sports played with balls and to protect the surrounding areas.

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50 years experience

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