Logo Fruit Logistica 2018 - Arrigoni FRUIT LOGISTICA – BERLIN (GERMANy)
from 07th to February 09th, 2018
Logo Hortex 2018 - Arrigoni HORTEX - HO CHI MINH CITY (VIETNAM)
from 14th to March 16th, 2018
Logo Greentech 2018 - Arrigoni GREEN TECH - AMSTERDAM (netherlands)
from 12th to June 14th, 2018


09/11/2017 FRESHPLAZA.IT - ARRIGONI: L'ALTA TECNOLOGIA SOSTIENE L'AGRICOLTURA BIOLOGICA 04/07/2017 HORTIDAILY - THE BENEFITS OF WINDBREAK AND ANTI-BIRDS NETS 17/05/2017 HORTIDAILY - TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS OF THE PAST DECADE PUSHES EVOLUTION 05/05/2017 FRESHPLAZA.COM - ARRIGONI HI-TECH, LIGHT AND HIGH PERFORMANCE AGRO-TEXTILES 15/03/2017 HORTIDAILY - PROTECTING EARLY FRUITS WITH TUNNELS 08/02/2017 HORTIDAILY - HALIYS PROTECTA 07/02/2017 HORTIDAILY – SOFT FRUIT 23/10/2017 THM – CITRUS 08/09/2016 HORTIDAILY – MACFRUT PRESENTATION 06/07/2016 HORTIDAILY – AGRITELA LUX 06/05/2016 THM – TOMATOES AND PEPPERS 06/05/2016 Agrotextiles de Arrigoni utilizados en tomate y pimiento 05/05/2016 Netting no longer against something but for something 02/08/16 Photo Report Berlin Fruit Logistica '16 01/27/16 Increased interest in Italian netting solution to fight Drosophila 12/23/2015 Italy: Air permeability on Arrigoni nets 11/15/2015 Visitamos Arrigoni, un lider europeo en la fabricacion de mallas para la horticultura moderna 10/14/2015 Food safety issues drive global sales of agrotextiles 09/10/2015 Italy: High-density polyethylene used for Arrigoni's innovative nets 08/03/2015 Apuntes de plasticultivos para pimiento y tomate en el uso de mallas 07/22/2015 Paolo Arrigoni: Las mallas deben ser finas para proteger 07/21/2015 Nets must be slim in order to protect 05/08/2015 Arricover: bioclimatic shield for crop protection 01/30/15 Fight Drosophila Suzukii with Arrigoni 11/5/2014 Drosophila Suzukii: the perfect compromise by Arrigoni 9/18/2014 Italy: Arricover also suitable for autumn-winter crops 9/8/2014 Italy: Arrigoni develops ideal polyethylene net for open field biological control 7/16/2014 Arricover bio-climatic shield: the experience of Spinsanti 5/15/2014 ARRIGONI to exhibit at the 81st Agricultural Fair at Novi Sad 3/6/2014 Arrigoni: increased aeration for greenhouses with BIORETE Air Plus 1/28/2014 Arrigoni to be present at IPM and Fruit Logistica with insect protection 1/27/2014 Italy: Protect your plants from frost? Arrigoni offers solutions at IPM and Fruit Logistica