2017, November

Application of shading nets, anti-hail nets, windbreaks

Harmful insects that come from countries far away from ours thanks to the increased global freight exchanges; aggressive pests, resistant to common pest management tools, which carry the threat of viruses for which we still do not know about effective cure; the tropicalization of our climate that accentuates the development opportunities of these unwanted guests and amplifies their damaging effects.

Here are the challenges that our farmers face today to ensure the safety of the food that reaches our tables every day.

The definitive spread in Italy of the Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV) on the zucchini crops, it is relatively recent news. Since two years, it appeared on our territory and it is transmitted by Bemisia tabaci, the small whitefly of Asian origin too.

Danni da virus New Delhi su zucchino

A solution to this problem exists. Just to evaluate the situation of the crops of those who believed in the agrotextiles manufactured by Arrigoni, I could visit many plantations in southern Italy: an area with a strong presence of greenhouse crops and numerous farms that use innovative products. An area where unfortunately many New Delhi virus attacks have been reported.

The impression I collected is comforting: the companies I visited believed in the insect screens of Arrigoni, the confidence they have given to the BIORETE AIR PLUS agrotextiles’ range has been rewarded.

If the insect comes into contact with the crop, there is no remedy for the infection, so the only effective protection is to avoid the whitefly attack on the zucchini crop. The net BIORETE 50 MESH AIR PLUS closing the side and front part of plastic greenhouses prevents the entrance of the whitefly. Besides of this:

Esempio di applicazione di frangivento, reti ombreggianti, reti antigrandine,

• Greater air circulation is perceptible within the greenhouses;

• During the hottest hours of the day, approaching the walls shielded with Air Plus I felt fresh air entering, while from the outside I felt the warm air coming out. Looking alongside the walls with Air Plus it looked blurry (this blurred effect is the demonstration that hot air crosses the net and when it comes to contact with fresh outdoor air creates such an effect);

• In addition, it is possible to notice that there is less condensation on the plants and therefore less fungal attacks;

• Finally, accurate monitoring does not show whitefly traces, demonstrating that Air Plus guarantees the same level of protection, while not compromising effectiveness but providing a better airflow.

These evaluations were made following my field visit to many farmers who chose the quality of Arrigoni agrotextiles, but these evaluations are confirmed by the great accuracy of the laboratory data collected by the Arrigoni Research Team over time.

I can therefore say that the choice of BIORETE AIR PLUS to protect the greenhouses is a winning bet.