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2018, March

Below is the entire article from our Agronomist Milena Poledica, PhD published by which can also be consulted by clicking here

In the last ten years the global fruit market recorded enormous growth in berry production all over the world. Berry fruits, helped by their health benefits today are the highest-value fresh product in the United States and new global reports indicate similar trends in European countries. According to a report of Rabobank it is expected that European consumption of fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries will grow at least 7% a year in the next 5 years and strawberry consumption will grow around 2% by year.

As a rich source of antioxidants and other healthy nutrients berry fruits became a daily part of people's diet in the biggest part of the world. Exactly these health benefits are the main reason of increase in berry consumption and remarkable growth in the berry industry.

This tremendous growth is especially evident in blueberry production. According to IBO blueberry production boom from 2005-2010 is now slowed in the biggest part of the world, but it is still growing!

It is expected that blueberry production will grow for 100,000 t every two years.

Following the world trends in the berry industry, in step with sustainable agriculture Arrigoni company developed ranges of innovative agrotextiles to protect berry production against unfavorable weather conditions and provide more comfortable climate conditions for plant development and high cropping.

Today we will present you Protecta®: new concept in berry production that significantly reduces rain passage and at the same time can offer protection against hail. This screen is produced from high tenacity Arlene HT monofilament that contains special additives to increase durability (three times more than plastic film) and water slip outside the cultivation.

Good light scattering under screen and moderate shading 22% stimulate photosynthesis and cropping. Under Protecta® daily temperatures are slightly lower than external, but during the night, temperatures are higher. This creates moderate climate and favorable conditions for plant development and fruit growth. Good light conditions followed by optimal air flow positively influence coloring, firmness and taste of berry fruits.

Early opening in spring can provide light protection against frost by keeping dry plant habitat.

Connected with Biorete® 25 Mesh insect screen to close on the side, Protecta® system can successfully exclude some of the most invasive insects in berry production like Drosophila Suzukii. Furthermore, the new Biorete® 25 Mesh Air Plusline with improved screen structure (low denier monofilament in high strength with same hole size) enabled us to get a greater number of holes by square meter and ventilation increase for 20 %.

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