L'ingresso dello stabilimento e degli uffici commerciali Arrigoni a Uggiate Trevano (Como) Dettaglio del reparto tessitura Arrigoni Lo stabilimento Arrigoni a Putignano

ARRIGONI group has been in the technical textile sector since 1936. In 1959 it started production of nets in polyethylene. It has 50 years of experience in the field of protection nets.
In Italy there are 2 plants: Uggiate Trevano (Como) and Putignano (Bari).
The covered surface is  38,000 m², but the total surface has an area of  82,000 m².
Production capacity is more than 5000 TONNES/year of nets, which equates to 60 million square meters of net (6000 hectares) with medium weight.

The great range of nets and fabrics produced by Arrigoni group also includes accessories and other articles which are produced by important companies and these are always tested in our laboratory.
Arrigoni - in cooperation with universities and Research Centres - constantly innovates and improves its products with attention to performance, durability and environmental impact.

Arrigoni’s team is qualified, knowledgeable and competent. It is characterized by passion and innovation momentum; it dedicates to the quality and reliability of the product, an energy full of talent.

The group is financially solid; extrusion and weaving equipments are in the vanguard of technology.
ARRIGONI is represented in 72 countries throughout the world, thanks to its distributors.